I had my son in 2018, and in an attempt to keep myself somewhat sane throughout maternity leave and the trials and tribulations of motherhood, I took up weaving in my "spare" time. I fell in love with the craft, but I returned to work and life suddenly became much busier again.

A lengthy break from anything crafty followed, until I spontaneously decided to learn to sew. An innocent visit to Pinterest in search of some inspiration for new curtains (of all things—how boring!) sparked the idea. The style I liked could not be bought in the UK, and so I decided to make them myself. I ended up taking a few dressmaking classes and realised that I had found another new obsession.

When the pandemic of 2020 confined us to our home, I decided that I really should make time for hobbies again, and there are a lot of them. I enjoy sewing, weaving, knitting, crocheting, beading, doodling, graphic and web design. 

The result is this modest little blog. You will find me most active on Instagram, but I thought that another space on the internet might be nice for more in depth ramblings if the mood strikes.

If you got this far: thank you for stopping by!


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