My 2021 Make Nine Challenge

I know, I know... It's nearly February already and whilst I pride myself on my punctuality in my personal life, I tend to miss the boat when it comes to crafting challenges and general internet trends. I've also very much caught the knitting bug, which has been keeping me busy in the evenings.

I was never going to participate in the Make Nine Challenge. I mean, making nine things in a year may not sound that difficult, but actually, it means making something almost every month, and considering that there are only four weekends in every month... Oof. Call me intimidated. 

Add to that my decision fatigue and subsequent inability to commit to anything, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

But–I keep finding myself overwhelmed by the possibilities and the inspiration I get from browsing wonderful crafters' and artists' accounts on Instagram and so perhaps trying to nail down what I want to make this year might help focus my mind?

So here we go.

My (very ambitious) 2021 Make Nine

  1. Knitting: patterned rib wrap by Bergere de France (free pattern available here)
  2. Sewing: vintage Style #1948 pinafore dress 
  3. Knitting: Augustins no. 10 jumper by (pattern available here)
  4. Weaving: colourful circle weaving for a local school
  5. Knitting: jumper designed by me and inspired by Hitomi Shida
  6. Embroidery: create a piece of beaded embroidery art using Aari techniques
  7. Sewing: sew my first pair of trousers (perhaps the Papercut Palisade pants?)
  8. Weaving: large scale circle weaving in all neutral colours for our home
  9. Sewing: draft and sew a top or blouse I have designed myself

A lot of these projects are just vague ideas at this stage, but I like that I have written them down somewhere now!

Are you joining in this year, or have you participated in the Make Nine Challenge in previous years? How did it work out for you?

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