My 2021 Make Nine Challenge

I know, I know... It's nearly February already and whilst I pride myself on my punctuality in my personal life, I tend to miss the boat when it comes to crafting challenges and general internet trends. I've also very much caught the knitting bug, which has been keeping me busy in the evenings.

I was never going to participate in the Make Nine Challenge. I mean, making nine things in a year may not sound that difficult, but actually, it means making something almost every month, and considering that there are only four weekends in every month... Oof. Call me intimidated. 

Add to that my decision fatigue and subsequent inability to commit to anything, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Making your own bias tape from a rectangular piece of fabric

If you sew garments, and dislike facings like I do, you will have made or considered making your own bias binding. When you can't find the material, size, and colour you need, it's certainly handy to know how to make it yourself, whether you make it from the same fabric as your garment, or choose a contrasting option. Bias strips are also very handy if you want to create your own piping.

I'm certainly a fan of contrasting bias binding or piping. If you choose a patterned fabric for your bias binding or piping, the insides of your garment hold a nice little surprise for the wearer!

I've tried various ways to make my own binding. There are hundreds of tutorials covering the continuous method online, but the ones I have seen instruct you to use a square of fabric. As I like to use fat quarters or offcuts of fabric to make binding, I didn't like the scraps I'd end up with after cutting my piece into a square. There isn't much you can do with those!

After experimenting with a rectangular piece of paper and doing some research online, I came across a way of making bias binding from a rectangular piece of fabric. Best of all, depending on how wide your bias strips are, you end up with little to no waste!

The sausage and ham challenge (sewing novices: it's not what you think!)

I hate pressing. Well, maybe "hate" is a strong word, but I really, really don't like it. It slows me down, you know, and I am a busy, impatient lady.

However, it must be done (although admittedly I'm still not very diligent about it) and so I reluctantly accepted that I needed a tailor's ham and sausage. 

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